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Dear Readers,


We would like to thank you for your continued support for the publication of our bilingual cultural magazine. Our first issue was published in 2014 and has always been a collaborative effort between high school youth and volunteer staff. 


Our main goal has been to empower young people to express themselves creatively through writing, drawing, and designing. It has been a rewarding journey, but also not an easy one. After much thought and discussion, we have decided to wrap up our current collaboration model. 


With gratitude, we are ending both the digital and print publication of the magazine. We would like to acknowledge and thank our past contributors for the hours poured into this project. We sincerely look forward to sharing future activities with you.

​About Little Lantern Cultural Magazine

  • Mandarin Chinese & English bilingual text 

  • 中英双语|中英雙語

    1. Pinyin phonetics + Simplified Characters​ 


       2. Pinyin phonetics + Traditional Characters 


       3. BoPoMo phonetics + Traditional Characters


  • For folks learning Mandarin Chinese as an additional language

  • 适合学习中文的学生

       適合 學習中文的學生

  • Also recommended for:

  • 另推荐给:|另推薦給: 

    • Family + intergenerational reading

    • 亲子、代际阅读|親子、代際閱讀​

    • Individual learning 

    • 个人学习|個人學習


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